M1&CO - Check out myths & busts about electricity savings

How To Reduce Electricity Bill

So many of you are concerned about saving electricity. Well, many come up with some crazy methods to do so and then claim that it was a miracle! Alright Newton.. Check out these real facts and myths about energy conservation & efficiency. Facts: Bill next door said cabling can cause electricity leakages. Is that true?? Actually l....

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M1&CO - Level 2 Electrician servicing overhead powerlines: dangers & precautions

Overhead Power Lines – Silent But Deadly

Overhead Power Lines – Silent But Deadly   You have to know that accidental contact with live overhead power lines power poles can cause serious injuries even death. In case you do not know, overhead power lines are used to transmit electrical energy over long distances. It is basically a point of connection b....

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M1&CO - High voltage jointing & termination company in New South Wales

High Voltage Cabling & Electrician Tips

High Voltage Cabling & Electrician Tips   The team here at M1&Co are multi-skilled and can match any type of electrical work.   At M1&Co, we provide high quality jointing and termination services for medium to large projects. We can match most types of projects across New South Wales –....

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