M1&Co - Top 5 Contracting & Sub-Contracting Mistakes

Top 5 Contracting & Sub-Contracting Mistakes

Did you know that the team here at M1 & Co do contracting as well as sub-contracting work across NSW and Australia-wide?   We can help scale big projects for all electrical needs including high voltage operations. Our focus is on commercial & industrial projects, however, don’t let this stop you from reaching out to us....

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M1&CO - What to do when you get a letter like this?


  Ever received a letter like this before? (Report of Inspections - Customer Defect - Endeavour Energy) Do you have upcoming domestic, commercial, or industrial electrical works? Get the Best Level 2 Electricians - M1&Co.  Looking for residential, commercial, or industrial certified electricians in the Wollongo....

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Everything you need to know about a high voltage electrician

This blog explores the difference between various electrician types and their relevant roles when dealing with high voltage cables. So, in brief who is a cable jointer? Cable jointers make and repair joins in insulated power supply and control cables installed in underground pipes, trenches and overhead systems. They also prepare cable ....

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