New Technologies To Help Electricians in Australia

New Technologies for Electricians

New Technologies for Electricians The past decade has seen major advancements in consumer technologies. Nonetheless, we tend to focus so much on the consumer market and forget that technology is also making major strides in other industries. One of the industries that are experiencing and benefiting from technological innovation is the elect....

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Tips for saving energy in spring

Energy Saving Tips For Spring 2020

It's spring and it is the time of the year where electricity bills are revised! There is a range of things which affect the bill and we are here to discuss how a household or a commecial property can reduce their electricity bill this Spring.    1. Clean Up! Dust build up increases your bill! Make sure to clean your hom....

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Illawarra Business Awards

Hard Work, Recognition & Commitment

Hi everyone! I'm happy to announce that we've made it to the Illawarra Business Awards finals. Fingers crossed, we get winner! No other electrical company like us!   Best regards,   M1&CO Team ....

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