Electronics are expensive and should be appropriately looked after in order to keep them working and avoid any possible accidents. Whether it's your computer or TV entertainment setups, cables can be hard to manage since they're so many of them and some can be quite thick and hard to hide. But why do you need to have proper cable man....

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What are common myths about electricity?


We've all heard some of these throughout our lives whether it was from our parents, friends or partners, and we have believed them to some degree. Here at M1&Co, we will lay some of these myths to rest to give you some closure about them. Myth 1 Leaving a light on is a cheap solution since it takes more energy to....

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How to Fix Loose Outlets

Loose electrical outlets are annoying and can also severely impact the safety of your home. Check out these tips to learn how to fix your loose outlets, and how to know when it’s time to call in a licensed electrician like M1&Co Keep your home safe. Do not ignore loose outlets! If at any time you have questions or do not feel comfo....

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