M1&CO - What to do when you get a letter like this?


  Ever received a letter like this before? (Report of Inspections - Customer Defect - Endeavour Energy) Do you have upcoming domestic, commercial, or industrial electrical works? Get the Best Level 2 Electricians - M1&Co.  Looking for residential, commercial, or industrial certified electricians in the Wollongo....

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Everything you need to know about a high voltage electrician

This blog explores the difference between various electrician types and their relevant roles when dealing with high voltage cables. So, in brief who is a cable jointer? Cable jointers make and repair joins in insulated power supply and control cables installed in underground pipes, trenches and overhead systems. They also prepare cable ....

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M1&CO - Check out myths & busts about electricity savings

How To Reduce Electricity Bill

So many of you are concerned about saving electricity. Well, many come up with some crazy methods to do so and then claim that it was a miracle! Alright Newton.. Check out these real facts and myths about energy conservation & efficiency. Facts: Bill next door said cabling can cause electricity leakages. Is that true?? Actually l....

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