M1&Co - Electrical Insurance & Consulting

Electrical Insurance & Consulting

Have you ever had to deal with an electrician who just didn’t know what they were doing? Have you been unfortunate enough to have an electrician not covered in electrical insurance and/or didn’t give a realistic consultation? Electrical insurance is crucially important for any electrical service company. In addition, electrical c....

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M1&Co - Top 5 Contracting & Sub-Contracting Mistakes

Top 5 Contracting & Sub-Contracting Mistakes

Did you know that the team here at M1 & Co do contracting as well as sub-contracting work across NSW and Australia-wide?   We can help scale big projects for all electrical needs including high voltage operations. Our focus is on commercial & industrial projects, however, don’t let this stop you from reaching out to us....

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M1&CO - What to do when you get a letter like this?


  Ever received a letter like this before? (Report of Inspections - Customer Defect - Endeavour Energy) Do you have upcoming domestic, commercial, or industrial electrical works? Get the Best Level 2 Electricians - M1&Co.  Looking for residential, commercial, or industrial certified electricians in the Wollongo....

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