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M1&CO provides scalable electrical solutions for industrial, commercial and residential needs
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Welcome to M1&CO; the most reliable electrical comapny in the region and beyond
Delivering quality to the community
We cover a wide range of electrcial servies in line with our capabilities, resources and parterships
Wide range of capabilities
At m1&co we facilitate a fleet of machinery, unmatched to our competitors
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Professional Electricians Help You Go Green In no Time
Residential, commercial and industrial Services

professional and reliable

M1&Co Electrical provide services in Wollongong, Illawarra, Sutherlandshire, and South Coast, NSW. We are Endeavour Energy level 2 ASP certificate holders, providing overhead and underground services.
You can rest assured that all our work is carried out in accordance with best practice industry standards. We maintain a high standard of Health and Safety. Our aim is to leave our customers happy and recommending our services.

M1&CO is a trusted Level 2 Electrical Accredited Service Provider in Wollongong & The Illawarra.

Level 2 Electrician is an accredited service provider recognised in New South Wales to carry out tasks such as: overhead and underground electrical installations, repairs and maintenance.

level 2 accredited service provider in Wollongong and the Illwarra

We are a team of licensed and insured electricians which provide fully accredited Level 2 electrical works. Our work culture is friendly but also reliable. In our works, quality & safety is always something we pride ourselves on. M1&Co provides all types of domestic, strata, industrial, and commercial electrical services in the Illawarra. M1&Co can also perform works in other regions provided the scope of the project is large enough. We offer free, no-obligation quotes & advice.

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  • Immediate Response

    In order to accommodate all of our clients we are operating on 24/7 basis. Any inquiries will be responded to swiftly.

  • Professional Recognition

    We are qualified to take on a vast range of tasks; minor as well as complex, from residential to industrial solutions.
  • Affordable Rates

    To serve our community best we can we offer competitive prices in the Illawarra region and Wollongong.

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Looking to hire a Level 2 Electrician in Wollongong and surrounding suburbs? Look no further, we are here to fix any electrical issue.

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