Level 2 Accredited Service Provider in Wollongong, Illawarra, Sutherlandshire, and South Coast, NSW

Level 2 Electrician ASP in Wollongong and the Illawarra

In New South Wales, some major electrical works can only be carried out by personnel with the appropriate qualifications. Level 2 Certified electricians are authorised to work on or near Endevour energy network, handling live wires and metering equipment.

Our level 2 electricians provide services such as overhead and underground cable installation and management, connections and disconnections of  high voltage cables. We may also aid in areas ranging from mains upgrades and metering to pole and pillars (steel & wood).

Why choose M1&Co over other Level 2 ASP’s?

Our Level 2 works are performed at the highest level of quality without taking away from project scopes, timelines, and more importantly; safety.

We are friendly. We are flexible. We will go that extra mile. We are proud. Over the years in the electrical industry, M1&Co knows the ins and outs of projects. We deliver on objectives and we won’t let you down. Our tools and vehicles are top notch; meaning our works are faster than ever before while being higher in quality.

Our contractor team always strives to provide the highest standard of Level 2 electrician work for all clients, and we are proud to offer some of the most professional and practiced Level 2 electrical contractors in Wollongong and surrounding suburbs.

"We apply the highest standards in safety, efficiency, quality workmanship and customer care in line with Australian Laws and Regulations"

For new premises – We can provide your new place with power from either an overhead or underground system. This will include the supply and installation of all your metering requirements.

For existing premises – Our electricians can provide any power upgrades disconnects/reconnects; relocate your switchboard and/or mains; upgrade your metering requirements (for example, time-of-use metering, off peak metering, etc); or even just advice.

All our work is fully guaranteed, call the team you can trust for all your Level 2 Service Provider electrical work! For your Level 2 Service Work we can provide the following services:

Private Pole Installations and Replacements

 If you have received a notice for defect notice, you will need to contact an accredited electrician to get the defect fixed. Whether you have timber, steel or any other poles installed, M1&CO will replace the power pole according to standard and best practice with quality assurance. 

Lighting Upgrades

Lights out of reach? Our specialists will repair, install and upgrade your lihting dynamic whether it is a domestic, commercial or industrial setting.

Disconnections / Reconnections

Disconnecting and reconnecting electrical wiring from various points, rest assured we get the job done in line with the accreditation and community approval. Some of our services include replacing blown fuses and resetting damaged cables within a operational equipment voltages up to 1500v. You can learn more about disconnections / reconnections on Fair Trading website

Underground Service Mains

Under the category of "premise connections" we locate and install underground low voltage service mains as well as high voltage assets. 

Cross arms

With most common cross arms engineered form wood or other composite material. We can take care of any utlity issue at hand in a  responsive manner.

Temporary Builders Supplies

From low voltage cables to high end private poles, we supply and install all types of temporary electrical materials and supply. 


Our service include and not limited to: solar metering, off-peak hot water metering, granny flat metering, CT metering and temporary power supply.

Three Phase Upgrades

3-Phase power is mainly used in commercial and industrial sectors, however, it is becoming more popular within the residence. With growing dependence on electronics in day to day activities, 3 phase power supplies provide stability as required.  

Overhead Service Mains


Off-Peak HW Upgrades

Mini Excavation


Cable and Fault Locating

M1&Co - Point of connection
M1&Co - Electrical Mains
M1&Co - Clearing overhead cable obstruction
M1&Co - electrical switch boards
M1&Co - trenching
M1&Co - Wooden and steel poles

Level 2 ASPs who are authorised to install, repair or maintain the overhead or underground service lines between the customer installation and the electricity network, including the installation of electricity metering equipment and connecting service lines to the network and energising the installation. More information can be found here for more information about the extent to which our electricians can help.
Below is the list of recognised accreditations;

  • Class 2A / Disconnect and reconnect
  • Class 2B / Work on underground service conductors
  • Class 2C / Work on overhead service conductors
  • Class 2C / Installing metering for meters type 5 to 6