6 Benefits of Hiring an Electrical Contractor

6 Benefits of Hiring an Electrical Contractor   We can’t deny that electricity is a fundamental component for any type of business. Wollongong & The Illawarra Region is no exception to the demand of electricity for everyday work function. From beauty salons to insurance agencies to petrol stations, electri....

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M1&CO - Level 2 Electrical Tools

Level 2 Electrical Tools

If we could, we would carry them all. Unfortunately it's all to damn heavy! There is a ton of tools to help get the job done properly unfortunately electricians have to narrow down their choices when it comes to the selection. Due to the fact that the job can be unpredictable, it is extremely important to categorise the tool range in order t....

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M1&Co - Electrical Insurance & Consulting

Electrical Insurance & Consulting

Have you ever had to deal with an electrician who just didn’t know what they were doing? Have you been unfortunate enough to have an electrician not covered in electrical insurance and/or didn’t give a realistic consultation? Electrical insurance is crucially important for any electrical service company. In addition, electrical c....

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